……………….. Next time on Hazard Pay – The Showdown with The Council begins. The crew of Ophiuchi Shine has finally revealed the source of all of their troubles – a Void Demon of discord! Thot has learned it’s true name through study of the Enchiridia Erudite, a sorcerous library. Ryker has a plan to expose its evil once and for all. But can it truly be destroyed? Tune in, find out! – the final session (perhaps?) of Hazard Pay after over a year of play approaches!

Long ago, there was an age of enlightenment and civility. Sentient species lived in harmony and equality within the Galactic Empire.

Then, the First Sorcerer came, with great power given to him by The Void. He became the new authority, and anyone who would defy him was destroyed. Thus began the Cleansing Wars, and the shattering of the Galactic Empire.

But his most potent warriors betrayed the First Sorcerer, consumed by their own lusts for power. They obliterated him, and continued his war of dominance.

Thousands of years later, the Galactic Overlords have won.

The universe lies in ruins, split into broken sectors and ruled with iron fists by the conquering Overlords. They have established control over every aspect of life in their sectors. Technology, communication, knowledge… all suppressed to ensure their rule. Only the farthest reaches of the galaxy have escaped their domination.

Signs of the lost past remain, for those who look hard enough through the dust and debris of today’s galaxy. On most planets, ruins can be found with strange and advanced devices inside. Giant structures lie abandoned in faraway regions of the galaxy.

Some brave (and perhaps foolhardy) folk face the hazards of the lost and unknown in the hopes of vast rewards.

Hazard Pay

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