Campaign of the Month: November 2020

Hazard Pay

The Great Cosmic Gamble

All that time, all that effort…gone. I can’t say it was all in vain, my companions and I have achieved something I never would have thought possible, change. If we were faced with our situation after we had escaped Skull Ward we would have just let the world burn, but not today we all came together and we attempted a stand. Despite the failure, they do know these things exist now. Trigger would have just kept shooting till dead before but he acted to save us instead of going out in a blaze like a rocket, I could not be prouder of him.

But even in the infinite dark horror of this universe, there is still a light, still a chance. I have grown up around gambling all my life and now its time to roll the dice on a big one. We can’t clear our names the normal way it won’t work the whole universe is after us so we will have to go forever. We can’t use time it is too dangerous and could be worse so we will have to let things go on as planned but cheat so we can break even and start over. The plan is simple we hunt down our evil doppelgangers in the shadow realm and slay them, we can close the loop their presence creates and can turn in the bodies since the DNA should match, and with us officially dead we will be free to fight again. We will have to become the people we are now not only in ideology but also in name, we will have to change our names and continue the fight.

This plan is dangerous but I honestly think its the only way we can get back into the fight and not have the council see it coming.


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