Elber the Mouth

Tulworthakiousan master of byzantine Chance laws.


Elber the Mouth may look crude and unsophisticated to the untrained eye, but he is more than he appears. The unabashedly rude and obnoxious Tulworthakiousan makes his way through the halls of the station belching and farting and bumping into people left and right, excuse-mes be damned, but it is widely known that he is untouchable.

You see, Elber the Mouth is quite possibly the best damned lawyer in the Outer Regions. With his encyclopedic knowledge of the labyrinthine laws of Chance, Elber could have any price for the asking. Usually, all he wants is a bottle of Guivellian scotch. And maybe a date, if the client is “hawt”.

Elber the Mouth

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