Hylden Voz

A slimy, snake in the grass con artist


Hylden Voz may not be this rascal’s real name, but it’s the one he most commonly is known by. In fact, Voz has worn names and identities like most people wear shoes. He’s always got a scheme or scam up his sleeve, always somehow comes out on top of things, and always seems to slide away without anyone the wiser until after the fact.

Voz has most recently been seen on Chance, where he managed to win a high-stakes vamboggle game at an underground casino. One of his unfortunate victims was Rhyker. He managed to run the table, and get out clean with over five hundred thousand credits, while never actually having invested any stake at all in the game. His accomplice, Sheniya, served as the main distraction with her intoxicating pheromones.

Voz has met with and joined the crew of Ophiuchi Shine while trapped aboard Blackbones’ ship, The Necromonger.

Sheniya’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Hylden Voz

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