A carefree guy who doesn't want to be threatened with a good time!


Archetype: Gifted
Complication: Indebted to a corrupt noble.
Homeworld: Chance

Physique: 9
Agility: 10
Intellect: 13
Willpower: 13

Level: 6
Vitality: 13
Recovery Roll: 1d6
Sanity: 13
Luck: 4

I Sense a Disturbance: Rhyker can sense supernatural activities and effects in their vicinity. Making an Intellect test with a Difficulty equal to the HD of the creature or the PL of the effect, Rhyker can detect supernatural effects up to medium range.

I Make My Own Reality: Through their innate connection to The Void, Rhyker is able to manifest astonishing powers. To use these powers, Rhyker makes a Willpower test with Difficulty equal to its Power Level (PL).

  • Energy Projectile: Rhyker hurls an unfailing energy projectile that hits a target within Long range for 1d6 points of damage per PL. He may specify a specific kind of energy appropriate to his Concept when manifesting this power.
  • Mind Control: Rhyker takes control of a target’s mind for PL minutes, as long as they concentrate for the whole time. The target must have up to PL HD and Rhyker must be able to look into the target’s eyes (by whatever means).
  • Read Thoughts: The character can read the mind of a target they can see (by whatever means) of up to PL HD for PL turns. Can be resisted.
  • Bad Luck: A target within Long distance receives a Negative Die to all Avoidance Rolls and adds +1 to all Luck Rolls for PL days. Can be resisted.
  • Protective Shield: Rhyker materializes a force shield capable of blocking physical attacks like a shield. The character can block up to PL attacks per round with an Intellect test. The shield lasts for PL turns.

The Void Hungers: The Void gives Rhyker his powers but charges a price for them. Normally, he takes a risk to suffer a power Backlash when he fails the Willpower test to manifest it, but he may opt to feed the Forces of The Void to gain a Positive Die on this test by sacrificing an additional amount of Vitality points equal to the PL of the power being used. At least half of that amount must come from his nearby allies.

There is Power in Blood: Using these supernatural powers is really taxing for Rhyker’s body and mind. To improve his chances to use his powers, Rhyker may sacrifice points of Physique or Agility to add the same amount to his Willpower for a single Attribute Test. After the check, these points are lost and need to be recovered normally.

Credits: 2

Medium armor (DR2)
Unarmed (1d3 damage)
Sword (1d6 damage)
Shotgun (1d6+1 damage, Long range)


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