A smart-ass, foul-mouthed Quizzit mercenary that would just as soon shoot you as put up with your bullshit.


Archetype: Nimble
Complication: Made an enemy in a pirate.
Homeworld: Quizza

Physique: 13
Agility: 18
Intellect: 12
Willpower: 15

Level: 5
Vitality: 17
Recovery Roll: 1d6+1
Sanity: 10
Luck: 3

Bloodhound: Quizzits have an extremely sharp sense of smell, and can discern many things through aroma. This enables them to track things by scent. Trigger needs one extra adventure to advance each level.

You Can’t Hit Me: Trigger’s main ability in combat is avoiding getting hit. He can impose a number of Negative Dice on attacks against him per combat equal to his Level.

That’s an Easy Target: Precision is Trigger’s trademark. Instead of needing a full combat round to aim a shot, he can forego his Movement in a round to get the same benefit as someone aiming for a full round.

Luck is on My Side: For some reason, luck always favors Trigger. Well, almost always. He can reroll a number of Luck Rolls per adventure equal to his Level.

I Know How to Do This: Having a very flexible career (and sometimes even more flexible morals), Trigger learns many trades and skills. Because of this, he learns an additional “profession” each odd Level, beginning at first. These professions can be used just like Concepts, granting and imposing Positive or Negative Dice.

  • Combat medic
  • Pilot

Credits: 2

Light armor (DR1)
Unarmed (1d3 damage)
Blaster rifle (1d6+1 damage, Distant range)
Bolter (1d6, Long range)
Survival knife (1d6-1 damage)
Brass knuckles (1d6-1 damage)
Belt pouches (3)
Combat medpak
Com device
Portable radio
Survival clothes
Weather tent
Batteries (6)


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