Zaid of Randichi

A bizarre windup nobleman of varying sanity.


Baron Zaid of Randichi was a man of refined tastes, with a penchant for clockworks. He was a collector of ancient artifacts, who employs many different servants across the Outer Regions.

Baron Zaid was known for his extensive clockwork prosthesis (having gained the moniker of the Clockwork Baron), his quickly alternating kindness and cruelty, and a wildly fluctuating level of sanity.

With the discovery and exploration of the Labyrinth of the Artificial Emperor, Zaid had achieved his dream of artificiality. His body was robotic, occupied by his maddened mind. He is currrently rumored to be deceased after civil unrest aros on Randichi during his attempted coup of the Council of Barons. It is said that Lady Reed and Resurrection Joe had something to do with his death, although there are few mourning him.

His minions have scattered across Randichi, and the Outer Regions.

Zaid of Randichi

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