Technology of the Galaxy

The galaxy is filled with wondrous devices and advanced technology. However, much of these advancements were lost in the Cleansing Wars, or are now under the strict control of the sorcerous despots known as the Galactic Overlords.

Technology is in a weird stage. Some things, like starships and weapons, can be quite advanced if you are lucky enough to find them. After all, they played a very important part in the Cleansing Wars.

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Communication, Computers, and The Web >

Most sentients don’t really have access to communication technology beyond common radio, or even messengers that carry letters and other information. To talk to a friend on another planet, you need to go there, or send someone with a message to be delivered.

The Galactic Empire had computers capable of processing many tasks at once, and some of them even had artificial intelligence. These marvelous devices were capable of greatly enhancing the lives of the sentients they served. But no more. The Cleansing Wars made sure none of these advanced computers would survive to challenge the dominance of the Galactic Overlords.

Back in the old days of the Empire, there was this great network of information called the Web. With it, an individual could access data from all over the universe, as long as someone had put it up in there somewhere. This made knowledge and education very accessible and widespread. This was obliterated in the Cleansing Wars.

Robots >

Robots were a common sight in past eras, and although much of the technology involved in their creation is now lost, they are still often seen around the universe. Those without artificial intelligence became so useful that sentients all around learned how to make repairs to them, using spare parts and makeshift repairs. They may not look shiny and new, but they still function must of the time. As time goes by, fewer and fewer units can be seen around. Buying one can be pretty expensive.

Travel >

Most people don’t ever leave their planets or even cities now. Not only are reliable and functional vehicles hard to find, but traveling is quite dangerous in this lawless and chaotic universe. Many Galactic Overlords also forbid their subjects from leaving their homes and assigned work, making travelers almost like criminals in their eyes.

However, in the Outer Regions, traveling is not so rare. Starships and vehicles aren’t cheap though, so people have to pay good money, perform good favors, or be in the service of some influential organization or individual to manage this deed.

In the seedy starports of the galaxy, passage to other systems is negotiated over games of cards and dice. If they know you gotta leave quick, tickets will be pricier, and they may even turn you in after you pay them. So travel safe, know your company.

Additionally, since traveling is rare and dangerous, travelers are seen by most as adventurers and courageous. They will look up to them and ask them questions about the universe. What’s happening around the next planet? What is the news from beyond our system? Has anyone ever defeated a Galactic Overlord?

Technology of the Galaxy

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