The Star Gods and Utopians

Religon has largely been forgotten across the galaxy. First there were the Cleansing Wars, and then the rise of the Galactic Overlords. To many, there seemed to be no point in believing in or hoping for anything. The higher powers are the Galactic Overlords.

But a strange new cult seems to be taking the universe by storm. Everywhere you go, they are there, preaching their tenets, even if the Galactic Overlords’ sentinels are about to execute every single one of them. New cultists and preachers just reappear.

These individuals, the Utopian Prophets, scream to anyone who listens to them to talk about a promised land, away from all the chaos and brutality of the universe, a land where everyone can be free, where all species are equal and live harmony, where no one will be forced to do what they don’t want to. All one has to do to reach it is to cross the Prismatic Nebula with an open heart, and this galaxy will reveal itself. Those with other intentions, however, will be forever lost in the mist.

Some also claim that the Star Gods are returning. A long time ago, these living gods traveled through the stars. They were guides to the sentients exploring the galaxies, models to be followed or even examples to never be imitated. But they have been gone for a very long time, and some say they were all killed.

Other say they simply died as the sentients forgot about them. But many believe they are just sleeping, awaiting for the time to come back from the dreamlands and guide the sentients once again, freeing us from the oppression of the Galactic Overlords.

Anyone looking through the ruins across the many planets of our universe will see signs of their old cults. Temples, altars, shrines, statues, sacred scriptures and many other pieces can be linked to their existence, or at least to the belief of their existence. Their role wasn’t so clear though, like gods of more primitive societies. They just seemed to be beings of great power and motivations almost so alien, mortal sentients couldn’t comprehend. This, however, never stopped anyone from worshiping them.

The Star Gods and Utopians

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