The Weird in The Galaxy

Throughout the Outer Regions, there are a number of anomalies, touched by the weirdness of the galaxy – and some say by the Void Itself.

The Dead Eye of Xooch
The Rift
The Rings of Juzzan
Ruins of Glimmer
The Shadow Dimension

There is real power in names. Not the mundane names used daily to crudely identify things and people, those are only simple labels. The power lies in the true name of an individual and entity. If someone knows the true name of an entity, they hold power over it.

Strange forces have been at work in the galaxy even before the First Sorcerer came into being. Few in those earliest days knew of the Void or its taint. Fewer still realized the price that the Void would demand for the powers it bestowed.

The psychic powers of mentalists have been studied for much longer than the powers of sorcery, though such powers still frightened those who did not understand them.The Cleansing Wars saw a pogrom directed towards the mentalists of the galaxy, designed to crush the study of psychic powers and instill fear towards their practitioners in citizens under the control of the First Sorcerer and then the Galactic Overlords.

The reality-warping powers of sorcery were feared from the very onset of their public usage. The Galactic Overlords practiced sorcery, using its power to bring their citizens to heel. It has been said that all sorcerers are tainted by the Void. Whether this is true, they wield something that many desire – power.

But neither mentalism nor sorcery can account for all of the weird forces in the galaxy…

The Weird in The Galaxy

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